General Services

The Monmouth County Clerk issues County ID and Veterans’ ID Cards, provides Notary Services, and performs Wedding Ceremonies.


Since 1675, the Monmouth County Clerk has been responsible for maintaining a record of real property transfers and interests in the County. This includes deeds, mortgages, liens, judgements, lis pendens, discharges, notices of settlement, maps, and other related documents.


Monmouth County Archives operates under the direction of the Monmouth County Clerk and preserves, organizes and provides access to Monmouth County government records.


Although the issuance of passports is done by the federal passport agency, the County Clerk’s Passport Offices are available to assist in the preparation of the application which, in turn, is forwarded to the State Department.


The County Clerk is also the “Clerk of Elections” for the County of Monmouth. The Clerk handles certain aspects of elections, including candidate petitions, preparation of ballots, tabulation of results and more. There are two other County election offices that perform other functions and do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Clerk.

Records Search

The Clerk is responsible for the Office of Records Management which provides an electronic search system for property, tax board and other permanent and public records.