9/11, Monmouth County & Its Aftermath
This film was produced by the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and its impact on Monmouth County.
New Voting Technology Tutorial
Watch our animated tutorial showing step by step how to use the new poll books and voting machines.
Early Voting & 2021 General Election Overview
Clerk Hanlon explains the new early in-person voting option this year.
2021 General Election Q&A
Clerk Hanlon sits down with Host Cynthia Scott to answer voters' frequently asked questions.
Jersey Matters with Larry Mendte
Clerk Hanlon was featured to inform voters about the new early in person voting option and voting technology this year.
Comcast Newsmakers
Clerk Hanlon spoke to Host Jill Horner about this year's General Election process.
2 Weeks Until Early In Person Voting
Clerk Hanlon reminds voters that early voting begins on October 23 at designated polling locations.
Track Your Vote by Mail Ballot!
Voters can sign up for our County Ballot Trax to track the return of their mail-in ballot for counting.
2021 General Election Press Conference
Clerk Hanlon and County Election Officials spoke about the 2021 General Election changes.
How to Vote by Mail (2021)
Check out our animated tutorial about the vote by mail process and how to properly complete your ballot.
SCAN FYI Show Interview
Clerk Hanlon was featured on SCAN FYI to discuss early in person voting and the General Election.
Early Voting & 2021 General Election Overview
Clerk Hanlon explains the new early in-person voting option this year.
How to Vote by Mail for the Primary Election
Check out our tutorial of how to Vote by Mail for the 2021 Primary Election.
2021 Primary Election Overview
Clerk Hanlon explains that the June 8, 2021 election will be conducted in the normal course, per State law.


Pink Tea Event, 19th Amendment Centennial
Clerk Hanlon hosts a Pink Tea for women elected officials and the League of Women Voters.
Comcast: 19th Amendment Centennial Program
Clerk Hanlon updates Host Jill Horner of new additions to our Centennial Recognition Program.



From the Freehold Township Mayor's Desk Show
Clerk Hanlon discusses the Vote by Mail process with Host Freehold Township Mayor Barbara McMorrow.
Comcast: 19th Amendment Centennial Program
Clerk Hanlon sits down with Jill Horner to explain what our Centennial Recognition Program entails.
Monmouth in Focus: REAL ID Act
Clerk Hanlon explains about the Federal REAL ID Act that will affect domestic travel protocol.
How to Vote by Mail in Monmouth County
Learn about the Vote by Mail process in Monmouth County through this video tutorial.
Save Your Stuff Series Introduction
Clerk Hanlon advises of the importance of saving and organizing digital memories for future generations.
Save Your Stuff #2: Personal Documents
Clerk Hanlon explains how to preserve your personal documents, such as school papers, financial spreadsheets, and family histories.
Save Your Stuff #3: Personal Photographs
Photographs have a unique, rich, and personal meaning. Are you actively backing up the images on your mobile devices?.
Save Your Stuff #4: Personal Videos
Odds are you have many videos on your phone. Be sure to save these precious files during American Archives Month.
Save Your Stuff #5: Social Media
Have you ever wondered what would happen to your photos, videos, and posts if Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram suddenly shut down?
Save Your Stuff #6: Digital Archiving Day
Clerk Hanlon reminds you of the importance of developing a personal digital archive.
Jersey Bayshore Country with John Schneider
Clerk Hanlon discuss how our County’s history is being preserved and made available to the public.



Comcast: Monmouth County Archives
Learn about the wealth of County history that Archives Division preserves.
Monmouth in Focus: Voting by Mail
Clerk Hanlon explains recent legislation that changed the Vote by Mail process.
Happy Veterans Day 2018
Clerk Hanlon informs our veterans about our Honoring our Heroes military appreciation program.
2018 First Place Video Contest Winner
Joseph Occhipinti, Sierra Ortiz & Nina Gomez, Long Branch High School, remember to vote!
2018 Second Place Video Contest Winner
Maggie Watson & Natalie Finn, Red Bank Regional High School, and friends stand up and V-O-T-E!
2018 Third Place Video Contest Winner
Kerry Harper, Henry Hudson Regional School reminds her peers how easy it is to register to vote.
Gold Star Parent & Veteran IDs
Clerk Hanlon discusses her Honoring our Heroes Military Appreciation Program.
Recognizing Archives Volunteer Lee Moffitt
Clerk Hanlon thanks Lee Moffitt for his 1,000 hours of work on the Red Bank Register preservation project.
Red Bank Register Photographs: Part Three
Clerk Hanlon and Archivist Gary Saretzky introduce a key volunteer for the preservation process.
National Selfie Day: Slideshow
Clerk Hanlon and the Monmouth County Clerk's Office participate in National Selfie Day.
Public Service Recognition Week: Slideshow
Slideshow of the wonderful Monmouth County Clerk's Office employees for Public Service Week.
Public Service Recognition Week: Archives
The County Archivist and Archives Team explain how residents can conduct research at our facility.
Public Service Recognition Week: Scanning
Scanning Supervisor Allahsha explains how her team makes all recorded documents official public record.
Public Service Recognition Week: Mortgage/Deeds
Mortgage/Deed Supervisor Jane discusses how her team assists residents to search property records.
Public Service Recognition Week: Front Office
During Public Service Recognition Week, Clerk Hanlon introduces her Front Office Staff.
Travel Tuesday: Renewing Your Passport by Mail
Clerk Hanlon explains the criteria to be able to renew your passport by mail.
Freehold Passport Office
Monmouth in Focus joins Clerk Hanlon on-site at the County Clerk's Freehold Passport Office.
Women's History Month
Clerk Hanlon shares her experiences, inspirations and insights for Women's History Month.
Property Fraud Alert
Clerk Hanlon encourages property owners to sign up for our free service.



Red Bank Register Photographs: Part Two
Clerk Hanlon explains the Archives Division's process to preserve the negatives and photographs.
Fundamentals of Voting
Clerk Hanlon speaks about her initiatives to educate young adults about the fundamentals of voting.
Research at the Archives
Clerk Hanlon discusses what types of research are available at the Clerk's Archives Division.
Monmouth County Votes App Commercial
Promotional video for our new Monmouth County Votes mobile app.
Red Bank Register Photographs: Part One
Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon is leading the initiative to preserve historic photos.
2017 Passport Update
County Clerk Christine Hanlon provides some helpful tips and reminders on passports.
Property Fraud Alert Service
According to the FBI, Property and Mortgage Fraud is the fastest growing white-collar crime in the U.S.
County Clerk Warns Against Deed Solicitations
Clerk Hanlon cautions residents to be on the lookout for overpriced deed solicitations.



Veterans’ ID Cards
Our office issues Veterans ID Cards free of charge, learn more about how to obtain one.
Archives and History Day
Learn more about our annual event celebrating New Jersey and County history.
How to Register to Vote in Monmouth County
On Monmouth in Focus, Clerk Hanlon discusses the voter registration process in Monmouth County.
Register to Vote
Clerk Hanlon reminds voters to get out to the polls! Visit for information.
Anyone Can Vote by Mail
You don't have to be ill or otherwise unavailable to Vote by Mail. Learn more about the process.



Naturalization Books at the County Clerk's Office
Clerk Hanlon and the Archives work to preserve recently discovered County Naturalization Books.
Monmouth County Connection Office
Our convenient passport satellite office provides weekend and weeknight hours.
County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon
Clerk Hanlon introduces herself and explains the duties of the Monmouth County Clerk.