Nomination Deadlines for Jane G. Clayton & M. Claire French Archives Awards

on 07/30/2021

Monmouth County Clerk Christine Giordano Hanlon is seeking nominations for the Monmouth County Jane G. Clayton Award and for the M. Claire French Award for Leadership in Historic Preservation. Nominations of individuals or organizations that have gone above and beyond to preserve the history of Monmouth County are due by Friday, July 30.

“The Jane G. Clayton and M. Claire French Awards are presented at our Annual Archives and History Day event,” said Clerk Hanlon. “These awards are a great way to say ‘thank you’ to the outstanding individuals who have shown a true passion and dedication to Monmouth County history.”

Information about this year’s Archives Day event will be announced at a later date.

Created in 1997, the Jane G. Clayton Archives Award honors individuals who, over many years, have made outstanding contributions to the awareness, understanding or preservation of Monmouth County’s history. The award is named after former Monmouth County Clerk Jane G. Clayton, who was responsible for the formation of the Monmouth County Archives.

Prior Clayton Award winners include Alice Wikoff, John A. Savolaine, Kevin Coyne, John Belding, Margaret W. Dellinger, Joseph W. Hammond, Angel and Jack Jeandron, Cheryl A. Cook, Wayne T. Bell, Joseph G. Bilby, Edward J. Raser, Garry Wheeler Stone, Lydia Wikoff, Karen L. Schnitzspahn, Gerald Ceres, Flora T. Higgins, Lee Ellen Griffith, Michael S. Adelberg, Gail L. Hunton, Douglas F. Foulks, Wesley Banse, J. Louise Jost, Mary Lou Strong and George H. Moss.

In 2015, Clerk Hanlon established the M. Claire French Award for Leadership in Historic Preservation to recognize an elected official, government employee, public servant or civic organization’s outstanding achievements to support historic preservation in Monmouth County through education, development, planning, rehabilitation, advocacy, community leadership or other means.

The M. Claire French Award is named after Clerk Hanlon’s predecessor, who assumed the position of Monmouth County Clerk in 1997 and served until her retirement in 2015. During her 18-year tenure, French oversaw a modernization of the Clerk’s Office, which included the digital collection of County records and the electronic reporting of election results in addition to the expansion of the Office’s services, most notably with the Monmouth County Connection satellite office in Neptune.

The Parker Homestead 1665, Patricia “Pat” Butch, the Preservation Alliance of Spring Lake, the Hon. Gerry P. Scharfenberger, Ph.D., Fred Carl, and the Hon. Lillian G. Burry are previous French Award recipients.

Nomination forms for the Clayton and French Awards can be found online at

For more information or to request a nomination form by phone or email, please call 732-308-3771 ext. 3776 or email