Recording Fees


(Transfer Fee Must be Paid When Deed is Recorded), Final Judgments: Computer Fee: $30.00 First Page Plus $10.00 Abstract Fee

First Page $40.00
Each Additional Page (One Side) $10.00
Marginal Notation $10.00
Mortgage; Mortgage Discharge; Assignments; Postponement; Subordination; Releases; Lis Pendens; and Discharge of Lis Pendens
First Page $30.00
Each Additional Page (One Side) $10.00
Marginal Notation $10.00
Each Additional Book and Page $10.00
Foreclosure Lis Pendens Exemptions NO
First Page $30.00
Marginal Notation $10.00
No per page fee
Tax Sale Certificates; Recording, Redemption of Assignments (except by municipality)
First Page $30.00
Each Additional Page (One Side) $10.00
Marginal Notation: Redemption or Assignment $10.00
Notice of Settlement
Mortgage Commitment $20.00
Contract of Sale $20.00
Double Filing $40.00
Mortgage Cancellation
Mortgage Cancellation $20.00
Each Additional Book and Page $20.00
Subdivision Maps $55.00
Federal Tax Lien and Release $25.00
Inheritance Tax Waiver $15.00
Construction Lien
Bond $30.00
Each Additional Page $10.00
Marginal Notation $10.00
Construction Lien $15.00
Notice of Unpaid Balance & Discharge $15.00
Marginal Notation $5.00
Trade Names
Trade Name, Firm, Partnerships $50.00
Dissolution $25.00
Each True Copy $2.00
Physicians and Hospital Liens
Recording and Discharge $15.00
Copy of Veteran's Discharge & Fireman's Exemption Certificate
Copy of Veteran’s Discharge & Fireman’s Exemption Certificate $6.00
Certified Copy:  Any Instrument $10.00
Per Page $1.50
Plain Copy 5 cents per page
Road Vacation and Dedications
Road Vacation and Dedications $30.00
Each Additional Page $10.00
Stream Encroachment Permit
Stream Encroachment Permit $30.00
Each Additional Page $10.00
Uniform Commercial Code
UCC 1 Without Assignment $25.00
UCC 1 With Assignment $50.00
UCC 3 Continuation $25.00
Amendment Statement $25.00
Partial Release Statement $25.00
Termination $25.00
Assignment $25.00
Request for UCC Search (Each Name) $25.00
Aircraft Lien
First Page $30.00
Each Additional Page $10.00
Cooperative Leases
All Documents related to a Cooperative Lease, Additional Per Page for Master Register $1.00 per page
NJ Inheritance Tax Waiver
NJ Inheritance Tax Waiver $15.00

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Fees effective July 2003