Real Property Recordings
The Monmouth County Clerk has been responsible for maintaining a record of real property ownership and transfers in Monmouth County since 1675. The Monmouth County Clerk’s Office stands ready to assist with recordation of real property ownership and transfer, and in retrieval of information from such recorded documents, in accordance with New Jersey law.

Electronic Recording
The Monmouth County Clerk’s Office provides for secure and efficient electronic recording of Land Record documents. This service was officially launched in October 2003, and conforms to guidelines Published by the State of New Jersey Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services – Records Management Services (RMS), formerly Division of Archives and Records Management (DARM). Additionally, this service has incorporated standards published by Property Records Industry Association (PRIA).

Recording Fees
Fees for the recording of property records are mandated by State law.

Filing a Map
The County Clerk records subdivision maps in accordance with State law.

Record Search
Through our Open Public Records Search system, the Monmouth County Clerk provides superior public service by granting electronic access to all records deemed “permanent and public” by the New Jersey Department of Archives and Records Management (NJDARM) and reducing the recurring cost of managing paper records. While there are millions of records currently available within this site, both new and existing record-types are expanded daily.

Property Fraud Alert
The Monmouth County Clerk’s Office is now providing a free notification service for property owners to help combat land fraud and other fraudulent activity relating to property.

Trade Names
Every new business seeking to operate in the County of Monmouth must file a Certificate of Trade Name with the County Clerk. Registration is mandatory and protects that name from use by other businesses within the County.