TV 34 News Video Clip Collection

RECORD GROUP: Special Collections
SERIES: TV 34 News Video Clip Collection
DATES: 1981-1996
VOLUME: 1,063 Videotape Masters, plus VHS copies, and MP4 Digital Files

Video clips containing Monmouth and Ocean County, N.J., local news stories (ca. 13,000) including topics relating to politics and government, social problems, health, agriculture, recreation, historic sites, business, labor, economic development, disasters, celebrities, immigrants and ethnic groups, education, and African Americans. Includes politics and government news stories relating to government agency actions and responses to problems, law enforcement, election campaigns, and government officials including Bill Bradley, Jim Courter, Michael Dukakis, and George Bush; health issue news relating to AIDS, Lyme disease, pollution, and fund raising for research and treatment of diseases; recreation industry news relating to concerts by Bruce Springsteen, Dizzie Gillespie, Liberace, and others; historic sites news relating to the Battle of Monmouth and the Monmouth County Historical Association; disaster news including the Asbury Park fire; celebrity news relating to Rev. Jesse Jackson and Bob Hope; education news relating to school openings, teacher strikes, and adult education; and news relating to African American history, racism, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and Black History Month.

  • Videotapes — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Adult education — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • African American History Month. African Americans
  • African Americans — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • African Americans — History
  • Agriculture — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • AIDS (Disease) — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Cable television — New Jersey — Monmouth County Celebrities
  • Commerce — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Concerts — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Disasters — New Jersey — Monmouth County. Economic development
  • Education — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Ethnic groups — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Fires — New Jersey — Asbury Park
  • Fund raising — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Health
  • Historic sites — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Immigrants — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Labor — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Law enforcement — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Lyme disease — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Medical care — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Monmouth, Battle of, Freehold, N.J., 1778
  • Political campaigns — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Political campaigns — United States
  • Pollution — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Public administration — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Public officers
  • Racism — United States
  • Recreation — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Social problems — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Strikes and lockouts — Teachers — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Television programs, Public service — New Jersey — Monmouth County
  • Monmouth County (N.J.) — History — 20th century
  • Monmouth County (N.J.) — Politics and government
  • Ocean County (N.J.) — History — 20th century
  • Ocean County (N.J.) — Politics and government
  • Bradley, Bill, 1943-
  • Bush, George, 1924-
  • Courter, Jim, 1941-
  • Dukakis, Michael S. (Michael Stanley), 1933-
  • Gillespie, Dizzy, 1917-
  • Hope, Bob, 1903- 2003
  • Jackson, Jesse, 1941-
  • Liberace, 1919- 1987
  • Springsteen, Bruce
  • Monmouth County Historical Association
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
This collection of 1,063 local news videotapes, 1981-1996, was donated by Cablevision of Monmouth (TV 34) in 1999 (Accession 99-18), supplemented by a small number of additional tapes donated by former producer Bob Hartman. Most tapes have two days of news stories, with about six or seven per day, with a total of 13,813 different stories which have been indexed in a database.

With the help of Project Grants from the New Jersey Historical Commission, the Monmouth County Archives copied the original 3/4 inch U-Matic tapes to ½ inch Betacam SP tapes, in order to preserve them before they became unusable due to aging and wear. During the copying process, a VHS copy was made simultaneously. The BetaCam SP copies are the new masters and the VHS copies were used for reference purposes by Archives staff and researchers until 2022, when the BetaCam SP tapes were digitized and individual MP4 news clips were created.

Scope and Content

While it is very difficult to summarize all the different categories of news covered, the following are included:

Politics and Government: government agency actions and responses to problems; numerous stories relating to law enforcement, with appearances by police officers and prosecutors; and election campaigns, including incumbents of, and candidates for, local, county, statewide, and national offices. Numerous different office holders and office seekers appear including many Freeholders and other Monmouth County elected and appointed officials; all New Jersey governors during years covered; state senators and assemblymen; U.S. senators and congressmen, including Bill Bradley and Jim Courter; visiting past U.S. presidents, “Three Former Presidents on TV 34,” (2/20/95), and U.S. presidential candidates Michael Dukakis and George Bush (8/31/88); and others including Jeanne Kirkpatrick, Dan Quayle, et al.

Social Problems: incidents and responses to alcoholism, drug abuse (e.g. “Heroin Overdoses in Ocean County,” 2/10/89), crime (e.g. “Female Population of Monmouth Jail,” 7/26/89), and other problems, including stories on the abortion controversy, “Howell Prostitutes,” (4/21/88), “SOBER Launches Zero Fatalities Campaign,” (5/27/88), “Suicide Prevention Program,” (3/19/87), “Compulsive Gambling Conference,” (9/7/89), “Wall Homeless Center Tries to Garner Support,” (9/8/89), and “Forum on the Homeless,” (3/10/89), “Children’s Sexual Predators Conference,” (3/16/95).

Health: AIDS epidemic (1/11/89, 3/14/89, 4/12/89, et al.), “Female Condom” (9/6/94), Lyme disease epidemic (12/16/88, 2/9/89, et al.), radon scare (various dates), hospitals (e.g. “Nurses Strike, Toms River,” (7/21/89), garbage disposal (e.g. “Toxic Dumping at Millstone,” (6/28/89), “Monmouth Medical Center’s New Ambulance for Infants,”(4/4/95), neo-natal education, new birthing techniques, anti-smoking campaign, asthma program, eye clinic, pollution (e.g. “Woodburning Stopped by 1991,” [9/5/89] and “Asbestos Dumping,” Wall Township, [9/6/89]), fund raising for research and treatment of cancer, multiple sclerosis, and other diseases, etc.

Agriculture: stories relating to agriculture, animal husbandry, and related topics, including “Largest Tomato,” (9/6/89), “Beekeeping,” (7/24/89), “Chilean Fruit Store,” (3/14/89) [also immigrant-related], “Christmas Tree Farm,” (12/11/84), “Drought Effect on Farmers,” (7/11/88), “Poplar Farms, Ocean Township Land Acquisition Program,” (8/16/88), “Tent Caterpillars Everywhere,”(5/24/94), et al.

Recreation: amateur, school, and professional sports, including golf, karate, horse racing (e.g. “Becoming a Jockey [Chris DeCarlo], 8/4/89), swimming, gymnastics, fishing, boating; crafts and hobbies (e.g. “Comic Book and Baseball Card Convention,” 4/3/89); “Blind Bowler,” (3/20/95), visiting renowned sports professionals such as Johnny Miller (6/6/88); stories relating to the recreation industry including Great Adventure amusement park and boat shows; music events and other stories, including concerts by Bruce Springsteen (6/20/84) et al. about this Monmouth County native), Dizzie Gillespie (10/3/88), Liberace (8/29-30/84), “Stone Pony’s Future” (2/28/89), “Karaoke Kraze,” (9/9/92), “Bon Jovi Returns,”(12/21/92), “Louie Belson Performs at Lakewood Strand (3/10/95).”

Historic sites, observations, and celebrations: Strand Theater in Red Bank renovations (9/22/88 et al.), Monmouth County Historical Association events, etc., including “Monmouth County Historical Museum Christmas Display,” (12/13/84); other stories in this category include “Historic Preservation Week,” (5/18/84); “Belmar Seafood Festival,” (5/19/84), “Morro Castle Disaster Anniversary” (9/7/84), “Holmes-Hendrickson House” (4/21/88), “Spring Lake Historical Society House Tour,” (6/7/88), “Longstreet Farm Blacksmith,” (3/5/87), Battle of Monmouth, (6/20/94), and “Berlin Airlift Historical Association,”(3/1/95).

Business, Labor, and Economic Development: stories on individual businesses, labor unions, airport proposals, business loans, economic revitalization efforts, highway development, etc., e.g. “Business Card Exchange,” Wall Township (9/17/84), “Small Business Expo,” (5/13/87), “Beach Closings Effect on Small Business,” (7/25/88), “Ocean Grove Business Owners Discuss Losses from Ocean Pollution,” (7/28/88), “Avon Barbershop,” (11/16/87), Ironworkers Local 373 Picket Continues,” Asbury Park, (8/2/89), “Telephone Strike Continues,” Toms River, (8/8/89), “89 Cases of Sabotage Against Ma Bell,” (8/11/89).

Disasters: major fires, floods, hurricanes, accidents, power outages, etc., including “Asbury Park Fire,”(3/21/95).

Celebrities: In addition to politics, sports, and music celebrities mentioned above, other well known people also appear, such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson (6/1/88), entertainers Bob Hope (4/30/84), Gary Carter (1/18/88), and Peter O’Toole (10/6/87), and “Mrs. New Jersey,” (7/28/94).

Immigrants and Ethnic Groups: stories concerning immigrants or potential immigrants, such as Holocaust Museum Display, Eatontown (4/24/95); “Lovrena Kupres Survived Serb Air Attack,” Howell, (3/6/95); “Illegals Caught at Monmouth Park” (8/3/89); “Three Kings Day” [interview with Iris Gonzales, Directory, Hispanic Affairs and Resource Center, Asbury Park], (1/6/95); “Freedom Rally for Soviet Jews,” (12/6/88); “Soviet Emigres,” (7/10/89); “Polish Festival,” (6/6/89); “Palestinians in Howell,” (7/6/89); and numerous stories concerning Irish residents in Monmouth County, particularly in connection with St. Patrick’s Day, including annual stories on the Irish Center in Spring Lake, parades and masses, celebrations at Kelly’s Tavern in Neptune, etc.

Education: stories concerning primary, secondary and higher education, including teacher strikes (e.g. 9/6/84), openings of new schools, e.g. “Belmar Elementary School,” (9/5/84), “Teacher of the Year Karen Gardner,” (3/8/89), “Manalapan Teacher Don DeFelice on Saudi/Kuwaiti Border,” (1/15/91), “Youths Scrutinize Board of Education,”(2/26/92), “School Deals with Wengert Girl Murder” (3/8/94), “Insurance for College Students,” (12/26/94), “Two More Asbury Schools Close Scabies,” (2/16/95), and a number of stories related to Brookdale Community College. Also included are stories related to adult education.

Miscellaneous: Many stories do not fit easily into any of the above categories, e.g. “Man Who Paints with His Teeth,” (5/31/88); “Last Patrol Vietnam Vets,” (5/26/89), “Roosevelt, NJ: Utopia,” 5/26/89 (with Bernarda Shahn); “Flag Burning Controversy,” (6/27/89); “Hunters Run Tavern (Nude Bar),” (6/2/88), “Passover Matzoh Making,” (4/19/89), “Monkey Adopts Kitten,”(8/20/92), “Toilets Brought to Apparition Site,” (10/1/92), and “Chimney Sweeps Convention,” (2/5/93).

African Americans: numerous stories about African Americans, one of the major population subgroups in Monmouth County, include:

  • “First Black Judge in Monmouth County (Lawrence Lawson),” 12/17/86 and 1/20/87
  • “Black History at Monmouth County Historical Association,” 3/1/88
  • “Tracing Roots, Black History,” Allenhurst, 2/8/89
  • “N.A.A.C.P. and Police Officials,” Long Branch, 5/11/89
  • “Racial Bias Addressed, Belmar,” 5/24/89
  • “African American Art Lecture for Students,” 1/25/95
  • “Pan-African American Chamber of Commerce and Industry,” 1/25/95
  • “Black History Month Kick-Off, Fort Monmouth,” 2/2/88
  • “Neptune Black Community Resents Lack of Concern,” 7/5/89
  • “N.A.A.C.P. Confronts Neptune Township,” 7/18/89
  • “Cross Burning Perpetrators Nabbed,” 7/7/89
  • “Lakewood Memorial Temple and N.A.A.C.P.,” 6/19/89
  • “Ebony Police Officers Walk the Beat for Black History Month,” Asbury Park, 3/1/95
  • “Minority Students Career Day,” 12/11/91
  • “Minority Leaders Criticize Prosecutor Kaye,” Asbury Park, 3/14/88
  • “Black History Month at Brookdale,” 2/7/95
  • “Preview of Black Summit,” Lakewood, 2/9/96

These tapes document Monmouth during a period when it was being intensively developed, with much of its agricultural land subdivided and turned into housing developments. There was tremendous growth in commercial development as well, from shopping centers to new industries. Most of the new residents had little, if any knowledge of Monmouth’s fascinating history but they began making their own histories when they arrived.

Monmouth County is now the copyright owner of this material and it is available for use without restriction.

Researchers interested in this collection should contact the Reference Archivist, who can perform a database search for news clips based on subject, names, etc. Relevant MP4 files can then be sent to the researcher.