Monmouth Beach Borough Documents, 1906-1920

RECORD GROUP: Special Collections
RECORD SERIES #: 15100.00
SERIES: Monmouth Beach Borough Documents
DATES: 1906-1920
VOLUME: 1 box

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The documents in this collection pertain to the borough of Monmouth Beach from the years 1906-1920, with a single envelope from 1957, and include correspondence to the Borough Clerk regarding a sewer system for the borough, liquor licenses, cancelled and voided checks, correspondence regarding issues related to the Board of Health, the Board of Taxation, and the municipal budget. There is correspondence from the Monmouth Beach mayor. There are also a few documents related to the Monmouth County Clerk and documentation regarding election related issues.


The Borough of Monmouth Beach was officially established in 1906, the year its charter was received. In the decades prior to this time, the area had been well established as an enclave for the wealthy, who owned substantial properties near the coastline. The development of Monmouth Beach can be traced back to 1688 when Eliakim Wardell acquired the land from the Lenape people. The Wardell family owned the land for several generations. Dr. Arthur V. Conover of Freehold acquired the land in 1865 and then proceeded to sell parcels of it. He was one of several wealthy residents who banded together to form the Monmouth Beach Association in 1871, which sought to further establish Monmouth Beach as an exclusive resort.

Further information about the history of Monmouth Beach can be found here.

Many of the documents in this collection pertain to Jesse W. Potter, Monmouth Beach’s first Borough Clerk. Born in Monmouth Beach in 1874, Potter took over his father’s fishing business, and turned it into the successful firm of McWood and Potter, based in the Galilee section of Monmouth Beach. Potter served as Borough Clerk until 1917 under Monmouth Beach’s first mayor William H. Heitzman and several subsequent mayors. Potter was elected tax assessor in 1920 and later served as street supervisor. He was a member of the Monmouth Beach Fire Company and the Long Branch Ice and Yacht Club. He died in 1933 at the age of 59.
Also included are elections and naturalizations documents pertaining to the Monmouth County Clerk, Joseph McDermott, who served from 1898 until his death in 1938. McDermott was a lawyer specializing in title work who also founded the Monmouth Title Company.

Source: History of Monmouth County, New Jersey, 1664-1920. Vol. 3. Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 1922.


Consists of papers pertaining to the Borough of Monmouth Beach dating from 1906 to 1920. There is correspondence, financial documents, and other general documentation.
Much of the documentation refers to the establishment of the sewer system in Monmouth Beach. Other subjects include road maintenance, electricity and gas in the borough, budgetary and financial issues. The Board of Health and the Board of Taxation are also represented. Also, included are documents covering election related issues and some documents pertaining to the Monmouth County Clerk.


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This collection is stored in a single archival box. It is organized in alphabetical order by folder title.


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A single box was donated to the Monmouth County Archives by Rider University’s Moore Library in October 2020. The documents are believed to have been in the possession of Franklin B. Moore of Monmouth Beach, N.J., son of Franklin F. Moore, president of Rider College from 1934-1969. It is unknown how he acquired these documents. They have been in the possession of Rider University for decades.


Collection processed and finding aid created by Julia Telonidis in October 2021.


The Archives has related Monmouth Beach municipal records through its MR-MARC (Municipal Records at Monmouth County Archives and Records Center) program. Through this program, municipalities in Monmouth County are eligible to deposit up to 30 cubic feet of historical records in the Monmouth County Archives and Record Center. The municipalities retain ownership of the records, which may be used for research at the Archives. Municipalities decide which records to deposit so the types of records vary from town to town. Monmouth Beach MR-MARC records can be accessed here.


Bills for services rendered (police, legal), 1906-1917
Board of Health, 1912
Car services bills to Monmouth Beach, 1906
County Clerk Related (elections, naturalizations), 1906-1920 (Joseph McDermott, Monmouth County Clerk)
Finance/expense related includes vouchers and borough warrants, ca. 1910-1919
Gas, water, and electricity related, 1906-1919
General correspondence, 1906
Goods (gravel?) shipped to Monmouth Beach by rail, 1919
Liquor license related, 1906
Monmouth Beach Protective Association documents, 1906
Municipal budget, 1910 and 1919
Notarized document from ex-mayor of Point Pleasant Beach, 1906
Road conditions, 1906-1912
Sewer system related, 1905-1907
Tax related, 1910-1918
Telephone related, 1906
Envelope addressed to Franklin (B.) Moore (of Rider College), 1957