Library System: Newsletters, 1971-2004

RECORD GROUP: Other County Records
RECORD SERIES #: 8200.01
SERIES: Library System: Newsletters
DATES: 1971-2004
VOLUME: .5 cubic feet

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Roberta Ohliger, Art Department, Monmouth County Library Headquarters, provided the Monmouth County Archives with a file of newsletters, also known as “calendars,” for digitization. After scanning, the newsletters were returned to Ms. Ohliger and the digital images were placed on the County’s Open Public Records Search system (OPRS). Three different newsletters are included in the record series. Sets are not complete and there are no newsletters for the period 1974-1976. Additional newsletters will be added if they become available.

Title Dates
1 Vine – Monmouth County Library Newsletter 1971-1973
2 Monmouth County Library Staff Newsletter 1977
3 Monmouth County Library Adult Calendar 1978-2004
4 Undated miscellaneous newsletters

There are no restrictions on use of the newsletters which are available online at the County OPRS website for Library Calendars.

GDS 12/2/2008, revised 11/29/2011