Division of Planning: Aerial Photo Maps, 1997

RECORD GROUP: Other County Records
SERIES: Division of Planning: GIS Division: Aerial Photo Maps
DATE: 1997
VOLUME: Approximately 2,594 maps

According to the Monmouth County Geographic Information Systems (MCGIS) home page, “GIS is the combination of Cartography with computer hardware, software and databases to produce maps and analysis. As a Division of the Information Services Department, MCGIS was established to coordinate the GIS activities for County Departments, provide shared services for Municipalities and promote data standards for the GIS User Community in Monmouth.”

In 2007, the GIS office transferred a nearly complete set of Monmouth County Aerial Photo Maps to the Monmouth County Archives (Accession 2007-11). Maps missing from this set in series 482 and series 548 were transferred in February 2010.

The maps are titled, “Monmouth County GIS Basemap 1998,” and are copyrighted 1997 by the County of Monmouth. The photographs were made in March 1997 and the maps were prepared by Analytical Surveys, Inc., 1935 Jamboree Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80920. (Telephone 719-593-0093)

Scope and Content
Monmouth County is divided into more than 2,500 maps or “tiles.” Each map is two feet by three feet and depicts an area of 2000 feet (North-South) by 3000 feet (East-West), covering approximately 137 acres. The maps are at 100 Scale: 1 inch = 100 feet according to the National Map Accuracy Standards. The accuracy of all data is + or – 1 foot for horizontal and vertical measurements according to the North American Horizontal Datum 1983, North American Vertical Datum.
Each map carries a six digit number. The maps are arranged into 61 series, that are numbered from 458 to 638, with each series number three more than the previous number (458, 461, 464, etc.). The gap of three pertains to 3,000 feet. The number of maps within series varies from three maps to sixty-seven maps, depending on how many maps were necessary to cover the county from West to East. Collectively, each series represents a column or vertical slice of the County and the series themselves are numbered from North to South.

The maps also have map numbers that range from a high of 599 to a low of 451. Each of these numbers pertains to a North-South section and the numbers can repeat in different series depending on the position and width of the county in a particular West-East slice. The numbers are two apart, referencing 2,000 feet. By comparison, the series numbers are unique and do not repeat.

Combining the series number and the map number results in the six digit number, e.g. 458491 refers to series 458, map 491.

The numbering system is based on the New Jersey State Plane Coordinate System. Instead of Geographic Coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) most Surveyors and GIS Professionals use the State Plane Coordinate System. For more accurate surveying measurements, two-dimensional Cartesian Planes were developed for each State in the 1930’s by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Office, the predecessor of NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey. (http://www.ngs.noaa.gov/ )
Tile Naming Convention

x= 458,000
y= 489,000
x= 461,000
y= 489,000
x= 458,000
y= 487,000
x= 461,000
y= 487,000

Sheet number = xxxyyy, beginning at the 100,000 interval. Sheets/tiles shall be 2000’ x 3000’. This New Jersey State Plane coordinate is the lower left (SouthWest) corner of each photo.
New Jersey is placed on a (x,y) grid with the origin point (0,0) in the Chesapeake Bay.


In addition to the Natural Color Aerial Photography, the following GIS layers are printed on these maps: 2 foot contour line intervals; spot elevations; road centerlines and edges of pavements; building footprints; water features; railroads; and retaining and sea walls. All the maps are in color and include a legend at the bottom explaining different lines and symbols.
Some military property is not shown on the maps.
Included within the accession are the following additional maps: 1) Index Map showing all the numbers and geographic locations of the GIS maps; and 2) three maps of the Freehold Soil Conservation District, documenting locations of construction projects and storm water management basins.


Maps in the collection may be examined in the Archives’ Jane Clayton Reading Room and are unrestricted. Due to their size, the Archives does not have equipment to duplicate the maps but copies may be purchased from the GIS office. Prices for maps vary depending on the amount of information requested (e.g. photo, contour lines, spot elevations, and building footprints, each of which is priced separately). As of February 2008, the price for a complete aerial photo map with all of the options (like the ones in the Archives) is $80. Prints are also available from the Planning Board office.
The Index Map shows the geographic areas covered by all the maps with map numbers. In addition, the GIS has provided the Archives with more convenient indexes of maps by town. To facilitate retrieval by Archives staff, the Archives maintains a database with a location index to the storage locations of the maps, by map series number.

The 1997 Aerial maps titled “Monmouth County GIS Basemap 1998” have imagery taken from 1997, with additional description added in 1998. They were copyrighted 1997, and printed Feb. 24, 1999.

GDS, with contributions by Eric Anderson, GIS Office.
March 2008; revised February 2010