Board of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services, 1970-2011

RECORD GROUP: Other County Records
SERIES: Board of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services (BADAS)
VOLUME: 3 record cartons
DATES: 1970-2011


The Monmouth County Board of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services (BADAS) has played an active role concerning the human services aspects of Monmouth County. After emerging from humble and somewhat confusing beginnings, BADAS has provided an invaluable service to both the citizens of the county and its officials. The service not only coordinates and maintains a county-wide drug education and prevention program but also administers county and state funds for drug and alcohol abuse prevention. The organization also runs a referral service to treat or facilitate treatment to substance abusers seeking help. In addition to these services, BADAS also works in conjunction with municipal prevention alliances against drug and alcohol abuse.
According to the agency history compiled by current Board Director Barry W. Johnson, the need for drug and alcohol abuse prevention and education began on October 18, 1966, when the Board of Chosen Freeholders convened on the pressing issue. The result was an “Interim Drug Committee,” as explained by Mr. Johnson in his report. The Committee’s function at the time was to advise the Freeholders on the “promotion, development, establishment, coordination, and conduct of the unified programs for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and control of drug addiction.” On September 1, 1970, a new permanent committee replaced the old “Interim Drug Committee” mandated by the Freeholders. This new committee consisted of county residents and was charged with further facilitation of drug abuse prevention, rehabilitation, education and consisted of county residents. In 1977 the Narcotics Council was once again reconfigured into the Monmouth County Board of Drug Abuse Services, a sister organization to the later-formed Citizens Advisory Committee for Alcoholism Services formed in 1984. Finally, in 1988, the Board of Chosen Freeholders merged the Board of Drug Abuse Services and the Citizens Advisory Committee into one unified agency: the Monmouth County Board of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services.

The responsibilities BADAS holds are primarily advisory and administrative. Such responsibilities include:

  • Development of the annual County Comprehensive Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Services Plan.
  • Operation of the county Intoxicated Driver Resource Center
  • Coordination of the Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.
  • Allocation of state and county funds for alcoholism and drug abuse prevention and treatment services.
Scope & Content

The Monmouth County Board of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services collection currently consists of three sections. The first section is the original minutes spanning from 1970-2005. Files 13 and 15 are bound in green rigid-backed booklets and are the only two of this style in this section of the collection. These are the originally compiled minutes as issued by BADAS, Drug and Alcohol Boards, and the early Narcotics Council of the 1970’s.
The second section contains the comprehensive and alliance plans and their associated addendums. Some of the plans are bound in colorful soft-cover booklets compiled by the Drug Agency of Monmouth County between 1987 and 2005. (Note: no plans were found for 1989 or 1990. 1995 comprehensive plans were not found).
The final section contains the duplicate copies of the original minutes. All files are contained within acid-free folders with the collection itself kept in three acid-free boxes. The files are arranged in assigned numerical order with a range of 1-89. Folders marked with the designation of “(D)” in black marker are the duplicate copies of the original minutes as stated before. Each file has been carefully preserved in its original state as obtained by the Board of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services. The collection is in a pristine and perfectly legible order with no visible damage sustained to any of the files.


There are no restrictions to access these records, which can be used in the Archives Reading Room.
Joseph Lucarelli
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