Hotel Trade Names & Licenses

RECORD GROUP: County Clerk
SERIES: Hotel Trade Names & Licenses
DATES: 1906-1913, and 1931-1970
VOLUME: 2 ledgers

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There are 1,845 records in the Hotel and Wholesale License Register, 1906-1913 ledger, and 118 records in the Hotel Trade Names, 1931-1970 ledger. Both are indexed in an Access database.
Legislation for the granting of tavern licenses also relates to hotel licenses, since taverns often were inns. From the Laws of the State of New Jersey….by William Paterson. New Brunswick: Abraham Blauvelt, 1800 pages 235 to 240.  An Act Concerning Inns and Taverns, passed the 24th of February, 1797:

The courts of quarter sessions are empowered to grant tavern licenses. A person of good repute for honesty and temperance can be recommended to the court for license.  The person shall not keep a disorderly inn or tavern, no gaming for money or the value of money, or violate any laws concerning inns and taverns. Every person before receiving a license must pay a fee to the state and freeholders in the county.  All license fees are paid to the court and county clerk.  License must be signed, sealed and displayed.  All licenses are restricted to one place for one year but may be renewed.  Sheriff, under sheriff, and gaoler are excluded from licenses.  No license shall be granted to shopkeepers selling goods, wares and merchandise.  The court is to assess what each person is to pay for a license. Every clerk of the court is accountable for the monies which they receive from licenses.  It is the duty of the court to fix the rate and prices charged by the innholder or tavernkeeper annually.  These rates and prices must be displayed in the most public room of the inn or tavern.  There will be a penalty if asking and receiving more that the price rated by the courts.  The courts are empowered to revoke a license in certain cases.

The Hotel and Wholesale License Register, 1906-1913, includes: date license granted, name of person who is granted the license, style of establishment (hotel or wholesale) and name and location of establishment. The Hotel Trade Names register, 1931-1970, include the hotel name, PO address, character of business, name and address of partners, name of agent or manager, and filing date.
This series is open to researchers.
The ledgers are available for use in the Archives reading room. Both ledgers are indexed in an Access database at the Archives.
Each ledger contains an alphabetical index in the front and is arranged alphabetically then chronologically.
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The Hotel Trade Names, 1931-1970, ledger was transferred to the Archives by County Clerk M. Claire French on March 18, 2014, under Accession #2014-4. The Hotel and Wholesale License Register, 1906-1913, was transferred to the Archives by County Clerk Jane Clayton before 1994.
The ledgers have not been microfilmed or scanned. An Access database for Hotel Trade Names and Hotel License Registrations was created September 27, 2016.  A finding aid was created by Elaine Chin-Ming on February 23, 2017, updated by George Joynson on December 20, 2018.
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