Monmouth County Tax Ratables, 1874-1897

RECORD GROUP: County Clerk
RECORD SERIES #: 15300.00
SERIES: Monmouth County Tax Ratables, 1874-1897
DATES: 1874-1897
VOLUME: 1 box

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The documents in this collection pertain to the Tax Ratables for the County of Monmouth, and they span from 1874 to 1897. These documents summarize the Tax Ratables of 27 townships. Some of the documents provide totals of how much money townships are required to raise by taxation.
Property tax in New Jersey goes back as far as about 1670 when the nation was still under English rule. Counties were established in 1682, and property tax became the primary sources of income and funding for local government.
The State Board of Assessors was created in 1884, and the purpose of the board was to conduct fair and equal assessments of real and personal property and to make corrections to their valuation if needed. Each township appointed an assessor who assessed and assigned a value to all taxable property. The amount of tax that each township was required to raise was determined annually each year so that each township was provided with sufficient incomes to meet their budgeted expenditures. The Board of Assessors were notified each year by the County Tax Collector about the total required amount of money they must raise by taxation. The various taxes were totaled in these notices, and the totals represented the amount of money that needed to be raised by taxation.

This collection comprises of 24 Abstracts of Ratables and 3 Tax Certificates. The abstracts were filed annually in the month of September, and these records span from 1874 to 1897. The abstracts summarize the total property tax incomes that various townships provided for the County of Monmouth.
The following townships are recorded in the abstracts:
• Allentown (1897)
• Asbury Park (1894-1897)
• Atlantic (1874-1897)
• Atlantic Highlands (1894-1897)
• Belmar (1896-1897)
• Bradley Beach (1894-1897)
• Freehold (1874-1897)
• Eatontown (1874-1897)
• Englishtown (1896-1897)
• Holmdel (1874-1897)
• Howell (1874-1897)
• Manalapan (1874-1897)
• Manasquan Borough (1892-1897)
• Marlboro (1874-1897)
• Matawan (1874-1897)
• Middletown (1874-1897)
• Millstone (1874-1897)
• Neptune (1879-1897)
• Neptune City (1895-1897)
• North Spring Lake Borough (1893-1897)
• Ocean (1874-1897)
• Raritan (1874-1897)
• Sea Bright (1896-1897)
• Shrewsbury (1874-1897)
• Spring Lake Borough (1892-1897)
• Upper Freehold (1874-1897)
• Wall (1874-1897)
The abstracts summarize and record each of the townships’:
• Acres
• Valuation of Real Estate
• Valuation of Personal Estate
o Bond and Mortgage
o Other Personal
o Total Personal
• Debt
o Bond and Mortgage
o Other Debt
o Total Debt
• Total Valuation Taxable
• Polls
• Poll Tax
• State Tax
o General
o School
• County Tax
• Bounty Tax
• Road Tax
• Poor Tax
• Township Assessor’s Signature
There are only 3 Tax Certificates, and these certificates are from 1886, 1889, and 1890. These certificates were created by the County Collector and given to the Board of Assessors. The purpose of these certificates was to notify the Board of Assessors of the total amount of money that the townships were required to raise by taxation. These records provide calculations as to how the required amount was determined.


This record series is open to researchers.


The Access searchable database was created with the intent of helping the researcher find which town, year and page the name they are researching appears on. Once identified, the researcher can use the database information to go directly to the page and make their own interpretation. The database is not an exact transcript. All names in the database were entered in the same ‘Surname, Given Name’ format. For each town and year, names and corresponding page numbers are listed in the database.


This collection is stored in a single archival box. It is organized in chronological order.


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This collection was processed by Kristen Parkes in March 2022.


There are 112 Duplicate Tax Ratable Lists from various towns in Monmouth County, and these lists span from 1731 to 1844. The finding aid for this series can be accessed here.
The names of some of the Township Assessors can be discovered in the Oaths database at the Archives.

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