Memorials and Resolutions, 1751-1976

RECORD GROUP: County Clerk
RECORD SERIES: Memorials and Resolutions
DATES: 1751-1976
VOLUME: 1 cubic feet (3 manuscript boxes)

William Barbour book JPEG for webpage
Memorial book for Senator William Warren Barbour, 1943
This small collection consists primarily of memorials concerning deceased members of the Monmouth County Bar Association, Monmouth County judges, and Monmouth County legislators. These memorials are usually in the form of a petition to the court to enter remarks concerning the worthy deeds and character of the deceased into the minutes of the Court and to request that the Clerk of the Court send copies to the newspapers and to the bereaved family. Many of the 164 memorials include useful biographical information concerning parents, spouses, children, education and the various positions held by the deceased. A few contain genealogical information.
From the Monmouth Bar Association’s web site:
“The Monmouth Bar Association celebrated its 100th Anniversary on January 8, 2008. The Monmouth Bar Association’s purpose and objection shall be to promote the administration of justice and uniformity of legislation and judicial decision throughout the County of Monmouth and the State of New Jersey; uphold the honor of the profession of the law, encourage cordial association among the members of the Bar in the County of Monmouth; coordinate the activities of the members of the Bar in the County on a representative basis in the interest of the legal profession and of the public throughout the County and the State; and advance the honor welfare, service and enjoyment of the members of the Bar.”
While the bulk of the memorials cover the late 19th century through the early and mid 20th century, there is a handwritten memorial dated 1751 for Lewis Morris Ashfield. The document is very difficult to read due to the old style of writing. Also included are well-known figures including Joel Parker, who served two nonconsecutive terms as New Jersey’s governor, New Jersey Supreme Court Justice William H. Vredenburgh, and attorney James Steen. (The Vredenburgh memorial in particular is quite detailed regarding his family history and accomplishments.) Judge J. Clarence Conover wrote a small book listing the rules for the Court of Common Pleas, which is also included in the collection, in addition to his memorial.
The memorial for Senator William Warren Barbour is a printed book of a memorial service, including speeches. A printed Congressional Memorial book of this type indicates that the member died while serving in Congress. The date given for each Memorial represents the date of death, or, if that is not available, the date of the resolution. Some of the Memorials are handwritten, while the rest are typed. Some are drafts; others are official copies. In addition to memorials, the collection includes a few resolutions not connected to a death. For example, there is a resolution from the Grand Jury in 1895 commending its foreman, Daniel Baird, and the Prosecuting Attorney, Charles H. Ivins.
This collection is open to researchers.
There is a database for the collection available at the Archives, arranged alphabetically by surname. The database includes pertinent notes about several of the Memorials, which might list positions the person held, Veteran status, Government appointments, and more.
Original documents and photocopies are arranged alphabetically by surname, in three boxes. Three additional folders, containing General Correspondence, a presentation transcript, and a Common Please Rule Book from 1892, begin the collection. An alphabetical list of names is included in each box. The collection is not available on microfilm and has not been digitized.
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The records were transferred by County Clerk Jane G. Clayton before January 1, 1994. The Memorials were found in the Archives in two separate batches that have been combined for continuity.
Gary D. Saretzky processed the first batch and prepared a finding aid in 1999. An Access database was created in December 2004. Mary Hussey processed the second batch in 2015 and updated the finding aid, the alphabetical list of names, and the Access database.