Enumeration, 1880

RECORD GROUP: County Clerk
SERIES: Enumeration
DATES: 1880
VOLUME: 4 volumes, unbound

From the 1880 US Federal Enumeration for Holmdel Township, Sheet 13
The 1880 Enumeration for Monmouth County is an abstract taken from the 1880 Federal Census. It contains data pertaining to 55,210 residents of Monmouth County. Information for each individual includes name, race, gender, and age at last birthday.
The Federal Census Act of 1879 required enumerators to make an abbreviated copy of the 1880 census, providing only the name, age, sex, and race of each person. Enumeration sheets were compiled at the municipal level. The enumerations sheets were posted for two days by the County Clerk in the courthouse, allowing the public to point out needed corrections, if any.

The total number of individuals listed in the database developed by the Monmouth County Archives for the Monmouth County 1880 Enumeration is 55,210, as compared to the 1880 Federal Census total of 55,538. The reason for the difference has not been determined.

The data was compiled by town and names are listed alphabetically by surname, except that members of families are grouped. In some cases, towns are divided into districts: Freehold (two); Howell (two); Middletown (two); Ocean (two); Raritan (two); Shrewsbury (three); and Upper Freehold (two).

The information in the volumes pertaining to each resident includes: name, race (white, black, mulatto, Chinese, American Indian); gender (male or female); and age at last birthday (prior to June 1880). No Chinese residents were recorded on the Enumeration, although one Chinese family of seven residing in Middletown was recorded on the US Census.

Genealogist Roger D. Joslyn has noted that the 1880 Enumerations can be used to locate families not covered by the Work Project’s Administration (WPA) Soundex index, which includes only households, in which there was at least one child aged ten or younger, as well as individuals missed or incorrectly indexed.

This series is open to researchers.
The 1880 Enumeration is available for use on microfilm. A finding aid, indexes and Access database are available in the reading room.

Type of Sort Order of Data Residents %
Oldest residents (70 years & over) Youngest to oldest 1,512 2.7%
Youngest residents (10 years & younger) Youngest to oldest 13,922 25.2%
Native American residents Alphabetical by name 10 0.1%
African-American residents Alphabetical by name 3,111 5.6%
Mulatto residents Alphabetical by name 352 0.6%
All residents Alphabetical by name 55,210

The indexes provide the name, age, race, town, and district where each individual was found. They also specify the volume number and page where the individual appears.

The pages of the 1880 Enumeration are arranged by town. Names on the pages are grouped by first letter of the surname.
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The 1880 Enumeration volumes were transferred to the repository by Jane G. Clayton, Monmouth County Clerk before June 30, 1993.
Each page of the four unbound volumes of the 1880 Enumeration for Monmouth County was encapsulated in polyester. The pages were microfilmed onto one roll of microfilm on June 30, 1993. A finding aid was created January 20, 2012; revised July 2016 by George Joynson. An Access database was created June 23, 2015 containing 55, 210 records.
See Monmouth County Archives Census Returns finding aid webpage.