County Clerk Correspondence, 1800-1987

RECORD GROUP: County Clerk
SERIES: County Clerk Correspondence
DATES: 1800-1987, (bulk 1800-1940)
VOLUME: 1 manuscript box containing 18 folders

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In addition to the Monmouth County Clerk’s current responsibilities (recording deeds and other special documents, issuing passports, serving as Clerk of Elections, and maintaining records), until the 1990s the Monmouth County Clerk also served as Clerk of the Court and performed naturalizations. Consequently, the clerk’s correspondence has covered a wide range of topics, including requests for title searches; matters concerning criminal cases and litigation; and appointments and elections.

The Monmouth County Clerk’s Correspondence series begins in 1800 and includes letters addressed to the county clerk until 1987, although there is only one group of correspondence after 1940. The letters are addressed to twelve county clerks, as well as one assistant. The eleven clerks are Joseph Scudder, William Ten Eyck, Samuel Mairs, Jehu Patterson, Holmes W. Murphy, Thomas V. Arrowsmith, James Patterson, John T. Haight, Theodore Aumack, Joseph McDermott, J. Russell Woolley, and Jane G. Clayton. The assistant is Francis V. Maney, an attorney who worked for Theodore Aumack.

Most of the letters are requests for deed, title, and mortgage searches but also include complaints about prison conditions and comments regarding other matters from various branches of government.  The stationery is often highly decorative.  Occasionally, the clerk’s response is also included.

Letters of particular interest include:

  • John Forman to Joseph Scudder, January 20, 1801. This letter refers to Forman’s survey of land and was sent to the court of Quarter Sessions to be approved, which it was.
  • James Lloyd to Joseph Scudder, September 2, 1805. This letter is a signed nomination of Lloyd for the position of County Sheriff, to which he was elected.
  • John Stockton to Thomas Arrowsmith, November 6, 1879. This letter is from the state Attorney General regarding the amount of severance and penalty fees.
  • Horace L. Piper to John T. Haight, November 19, 1891. Acting General Superintendent of Treasury Department Piper asked for a certified seal for the sale of a premise.
  • Various Monmouth County newspapers to John T. Haight, December 22, 1891. Several newspapers responded to Haight’s call to print and publish the court calendar. Includes several letters, along with notes by Haight.
  • James Burke to John Haight, February 18, 1892. Burke requests a search for records of John Stout, a settler in the county during the 1650s.
  • John Haight compiled a list of the twenty-two newspapers published in Monmouth County in 1892.
  • E. Shug [sic] to John Haight, January 24, 1893. Grand Union Tea Company manager, Shug [sic], sent the letters to Haight on noteworthy stationary with a detailed cut.
  • J.V. Wundermann to Theodore Aumack, May 16, 1893. Wundermann requests a lineage of William Gordon, a member of the Monmouth County Militia during the Revolutionary War.
  • Harry Q. Vantine to Theodore Aumack, June 12, 1893. Vantine requests a deed search of a dock in Fair Haven on behalf of the people of Fair Haven to ascertain whether or not the dock is held privately; includes Aumack’s response.
  • Coudert Brothers to Theodore Aumack, September 11, 1895. This letter regards deeds that were lost during a fire in the courthouse.
  • Rep. Harold G. Hoffman to Joseph McDermott, January 27, 1930. In this letter Congressman Hoffman, representing the 3rd District of New Jersey, addresses the cost of naturalizing aliens.
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