PARIS Grants

PARIS Grants Planned and Implemented by the Monmouth County Archives

The Monmouth County Archives applied for PARIS funding annually when this grant program was available, 2005-2009.  PARIS (Public Archives and Records Infrastructure Support) was administered by the State of New Jersey, Department of State, Division of Archives and Records Management.  Through PARIS, county and municipal government agencies enhanced their archives and records management programs.  The Monmouth County Archives significantly benefited from these grants.


In the first year of the PARIS grants, the Archives was awarded  $256,225 for mobile shelving, stationary shelving, a disaster planning consultancy, a conservation consultancy, and professional development:

  • Mobile shelving: Completed in 2006, this unit substantially increased storage capacity in the Monmouth County Records Center, which was nearly full.  The additional space enabled the Archives to begin the MR-MARC program, which enables Monmouth County municipalities to store historical records in the Record Center.
  • Stationary shelving: Completed in 2005, this project established a small satellite records center, which is used to store permanent records that are infrequently retrieved for use, in another County building.
  • Disaster planning consultancy: This project comprised an outside review of the Archives’ disaster vulnerability and disaster response plan.  As a result, landscaping was changed to improve water runoff near the Records Center and the response plan was endorsed with minor revisions.
  • Conservation consultancy: The grant funded a long-range plan for the professional conservation treatment of selected county records of historical value.  The consultant (CCAHA) also prepared recommendations for a future project to train archives staff to do basic conservation treatments and a list of relevant equipment and supplies to be acquired.
  • Professional development: The grant enabled the archivist and records manager to attend several conferences and seminars.


In 2006, we received PARIS funding ($51,222) for conservation of documents; acquisition of conservation supplies and equipment; storage cabinets for the vault; video surveillance system; and professional development.

  • Conservation of documents:  PARIS funding enabled us to have conservation treatments performed by CCAHA on our oldest records, Deed Book ABC, and on Miscellaneous Book B, which includes slave manumissions.
  • Conservation supplies and equipment: The Archives acquired a HEPA vacuum cleaner, hand-held steamer, and other tools and supplies for cleaning and restoring damaged and soiled records.
  • Storage cabinets:  PARIS funding enabled us to increase our vault storage capacity for microfilm by more than 9,000 rolls, plus several cabinets for storage of electronic media.
  • Video surveillance system: With PARIS funding, the Records Center is now monitored by a computer-based security system.
  • Professional development:  PARIS funds enabled several staff to attend conferences, workshops, and seminars.


The PARIS 2007-2008 grant ($35,818) was for conservation of documents and on-site conservation training.  These projects were completed in 2008.

  • Conservation of documents: PARIS funding enabled conservation treatments performed by CCAHA on American Revolution Pension Requests and Slave Manumissions.
  • On-site conservation training: CCAHA conservation technicians visited for several days to train three staff in cleaning and repair of documents, including mold removal using the HEPA vacuum cleaner.  One technician also reorganized the Conservation Room to improve functionality and work flow.


The Archives received no PARIS grant funds for the 2008-2009 grant cycle due to a cutback in PARIS funding.


The Archives received funding ($47,445) for conservation treatment by CCAHA of documents in three record series.  This project was the same proposal that had been submitted in 2008 and was completed in 2011.

  • Conservation Treatment: Slave Births; 1790 Freeholders List (list of all property owners in Monmouth County); 1759-1761 Court of Common Pleas Minutes.

In addition to Archives-directed PARIS projects, the Records Center also began using the RIM system, developed by Sunrise Systems with PARIS funding under the direction of the County’s ORM department, to manage county records stored in the Records Center.  This software replaced an in-house-developed Microsoft Access application.