2011 Archives History Game – Red Bank

# Question  T/F
1 In 1693, Monmouth County was divided into three townships: Freehold, Middletown, and Shrewsbury.
2 Red Bank is named after the color of the clay along its Navesink riverbanks.
3 Rt. 18, begun in 1966, was extended south to connect to the Garden State Parkway at Wayside in 1979.
4 The North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht Club, one of the first ice boating clubs in the United States, was formed in 1880 in Red Bank.
5 William James “Count” Basie, the eminent jazz musician (1904-1984), grew up on Mechanic Street in Red Bank.
6 The Red Bank Register began as an independent weekly in 1878 and became a daily in 1959.
7 During its history from 1878 to 1991, the Red Bank Register had five different owners, three of them beginning in 1982.
8 While the border between Red Bank and Fair Haven is now a series of jagged lines, originally it formed a smooth arc like that between Delaware and Pennsylvania.
9 U.S. President William Henry Harrison’s son, John Cleves Symmes Harrison, owned a farm on the banks of the North Shrewsbury River.
10 Brookdale Community College, which opened in 1969, is the only county college in New Jersey that is not named for its county or region.
11 Red Bank was organized as a town within Shrewsbury Township in 1870.  In 1908, it was incorporated as a separate borough by the State of New Jersey.
12 Around 1980, George “Bimbo” Imbimbo was a comedic night shift Yellow Cab dispatcher based in an office next to the Red Bank Railroad Station.
13 The first railroad into Red Bank was the Raritan and Delaware Bay Railroad in 1860.
14 51 Monmouth Street, Red Bank, the building with the clock tower, was built as the Shrewsbury Town Hall in 1892.
15 “Texas,” an old name for Red Bank’s west site, was so named because it once possessed the character of the “Wild West.”
16 16 Rector Street in Red Bank was named for the location of the Episcopal parsonage.
17 Starbat Strongheart was a champion collie at Florence Ilsh’s Bellhaven Kennels in the 1920s.
18 Red Bank is probably unique in that both McDonald’s and Burger King failed there in the 1980s.
19 Coleman, Dehart, Dickopf, and Dorn were all distinguished Red Bank photographers in the early 1900s.
20 On December 15, 1979, Santa Claus arrived in Red Bank by helicopter to meet with local children about holiday wishes.

Answers may be found either in Randall Gabrielan’s four books on Red Bank or in the 2011 exhibition catalog, Red Bank Register: 40 Photographs, available at http://co.monmouth.nj.us/documents/9/RedBankRegister_19776_1985.pdf