2008 Archives History Game – Sports in Monmouth County

In the 1890s, Arthur Zimmerman of Monmouth County became an internationally renowned bicycle racer.
Alex Bradley, a graduate of Long Branch High School, set a single-game freshman basketball scoring record at Villanova University that was not eclipsed for 29 years.
The Sea Bright Lawn Tennis and Cricket Club, established in 1877, is one of the oldest tennis clubs in the United States.
Monmouth Park’s early history came to an end in 1893, after the State of New Jersey banned pari-mutuel betting on horse races, a restriction that was not lifted until 1946.
The Monmouth County Park System maintains eight public golf courses at six locations.
In 1926, after training in Highlands, Gertrude Ederle swam the English Channel faster than the five men who previously had completed the swim.
In hashes conducted by the Rumson Hash House Harriers, one person called the “hare” is given a head start to blaze a trail while being pursued on foot by the “harriers.”
In the late 1940s, the National Sweepstakes powerboat regattas in the NavesinkRiver were dominated by popular orchestra leader Guy Lombardo’s Tempo.
Photographer Charles Foxwell, active as an ice-boat racer and marksman in the early 1900s, became a Justice of the Peace in Red Bank.
Miles Austin, a football star at Monmouth University, joined the Dallas Cowboys in 2006.
In 1981, 8-year-old Audrey Gomez of Monmouth County placed first in the primary division of the National Speed Skating Championships (NSSC) held in Fort Worth.
In 2008, Monmouth University alumnus Bobby Smith became U.S. National Champion in the javelin at the Olympic Trials, but could not join the Olympic team.
The Haskell Hunt, featuring a hunt on horseback and equestrian competitions, was held at Amory Haskells Middletown estate from 1932 to 1996, except for 1942 to 1944.
Yankee star Babe Ruth played a “barnstorm” game in Bradley Beach on October 10, 1926, after he stopped on the way to see young fan Johnny Sylvester.
Created on December 20, 1880, The North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht Club is one of the first ice boating clubs in the U.S.
In 1896, Frank Samuelsen and George Harbo, Norwegian-born immigrants living in Highlands, were the first to row a small boat across the Atlantic Ocean.
The Skateplex at Seven Presidents Oceanfront Park in Long Branch, NJ, operated by the Monmouth County Park System, offers instruction by experts in skateboarding.
In the 1680s, a complaint was made that Lewis Morris and other young men in Shrewsbury Township were playing nine-pins and racing horses on the Sabbath.
Rebecca Soni, born in Freehold, won the gold medal in the 200-meter breaststroke at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China.
“The Acerra Brothers” of Long Branch formed a baseball team in 1938 that played games throughout the country until 1952.