2007 Archives History Game – The Jersey Shore in Monmouth County

# Questions T/F
1 At the 1897 Baby Parade in Asbury Park, one of the prizes was for “Heaviest Boy Under One Year of Age.”
2 In 1906, the Lyric Hall and Garden in Asbury Park claimed to be “the largest Afro-American Resort in America.”
3 At Celia Brown’s restaurant in South Belmar in the 1930s and 1940s, customers would stay in their automobiles and a ‘carhop’ would serve them.
4 President James Garfield died in Elberon in 1881 after he was shot in Washington by Charles Guiteau, a deranged office-seeker.
5 Wilbur Wright attended a competitive air show held in Interlaken in 1910.
6 In the 1860s, the American Hotel in Long Branch offered “stale bread” on the breakfast menu.
7 William McKinley was one of the seven U.S. presidents who worshipped at St. James Chapel in Long Branch.
8 The Monmouth Beach Life-Saving Station, now the town’s Cultural Center, was built in 1857, more than a decade before the town was developed.
9 Organized in 1869, the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association divided Ocean Grove into lots that were leased to members for their tents.
10 The racetrack Monmouth Park was closed between 1893 and 1946 as a consequence of anti-gambling legislation.
11 Red Bank photographer Charles R.D. Foxwell, who sold thousands of picture postcards of Monmouth County in the early 1900s, became a Justice of the Peace.
12 In September 1934, after a catastrophic fire, the luxury liner SS Morro Castle ran aground at Asbury Park.
13 Built in 1872, the first draw bridge from Highlands to Sea Bright got stuck in the open position from 1875 to 1878 after being hit by a schooner.
14 Sea Bright was formerly named after a Sephardic Hebrew term, “Nauvoo,” which means “beautiful or pleasant place.”
15 In 1853, Commodore Robert Field Stockton of Princeton purchased a seaside farm he called, “Seagirt,” after which the town Sea Girt was named.
16 The Sandy Hook Lighthouse, completed in 1764, is the oldest operating lighthouse in the United States.
17 The Lake House hotel in Spring Lake, which opened in 1877, was formerly the Public Comfort Building at the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia.
18 The Aida Trumpet Quartet, four women dressed in American flags, played at President Taft’s Reception at the Ocean Grove Auditorium on August 15, 1911
19 Southern black migrants to Monmouth County formed churches that became centers for civil rights advocacy, such as St. Stephen A.M.E. Zion, founded in 1878 in Asbury Park.
20 Turkish Trophy Bathing Beauty Cards (1902) depicted idealized women on cards named “Asbury Park,” “Long Branch,” “Ocean Grove,” et al. to promote tobacco sales.
21 Both William Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt campaigned in Red Bank for the Republican presidential nomination in 1912.
22 “Hot Dog Bob’s” was one of fifty reasons to love Keyport, stated Bob Cullinane in the Asbury Park Press in 1999.
23 According to the 1920 Census, the only Chinese in Long Branch were six laundrymen.
24 In 1888, Robert Louis Stevenson vacationed at the Union House in what is now Brielle (formerly Squan), but did not write Treasure Island there.
25 Using an antenna tower built at Twin Lights in 1899, Gugliemo Marconi first demonstrated wireless telegraphy in the United States.

(all answers are true)