2006 Archives History Game – Monmouth County & the Civil War

By Gary D. Saretzky
Answer True or False

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1 During the Civil War, the MonmouthCounty Board of Chosen Freeholders sold bonds and borrowed money from a bank in order to pay bounties to those who volunteered for military service.
2 During the Civil War, more than 150 African Americans from MonmouthCounty served in the Union Army or Navy.
3 The 14 th Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers, trained at CampVredenburgh near Freehold.
4 The 14 th Regiment played a key role in saving Washington, DC from capture at the Battle of Monocacy near Frederick,


5 Major Peter Vredenburgh of the 14 th Regiment was the son of Judge Vredenburgh, after whom CampVredenburgh was named.
6 William S. Truex, who led the 14 th Regiment as its Colonel, had no military experience before the Civil War.
7 Freehold native Joel Parker served as Republican Governor of New Jersey during the Civil War.
8 Mathew Brady, who organized the largest photographic documentation of the Civil War, became a millionaire through selling his war pictures.
9 The Ladies Soldiers Aid Society was established to hide deserters from the Union Army.
10 Due to Lincoln’s demand for troops, even aliens were subject to the military draft in New Jersey.

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Answers: 1 to 5 True; 6-10 False