2003 Archives History Game – William Livingston

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1. William Livingston was born in 1723 and was reared by his maternal grandmother. At the age of fourteen, he spent one year with a missionary among the Mohawks. Circle one: T F

2. In 1741, Livingston graduated from Yale, which in 1788 awarded him an honorary doctor of laws degree. Circle one: T F

3. John Jay, elected President of the Continental Congress in 1778, was married to one of Livingston’s daughters. Circle one: T F

4. An advocate of Calvinist Protestantism, Livingston used his writings to attack Anglican leaders who attempted to control Kings College (later Columbia College and University). Circle one: T F

5. After Livingston retired from mainstream politics in New York, he moved to Elizabethtown (Elizabeth) and built Liberty Hall, later the home of the Kean family. The Revolution brought Livingston out of retirement. Circle one: T F

6. In 1774, Livingston was an influential member of the First Continental Congress. Circle one: T F

7. In 1776, Livingston was elected First Governor of the State of New Jersey; he served for fourteen years until his death in 1790. Circle one: T F

8. As governor, Livingston presided over the Council of Safety, a special tribunal which met about 400 times during the Revolutionary War to prosecute traitors, trading with the enemy, and related matters. Circle one: T F

9. During the Revolutionary War, the British plotted to kidnap or assassinate Livingston. Circle one: T F

10. As a member of the Constitutional Convention that created the United States Constitution in 1787, Livingston, who had been active in the anti-slavery movement, chaired a committee that reached a compromise on the issue of slavery. Circle one: T F

All answers are TRUE