M. Claire French Award Winner – 2018

2018 – Preservation Alliance of Spring Lake

Preservation Alliance of Spring Lake group images

The Preservation Alliance of Spring Lake has served as a community catalyst and leader in protecting Spring Lake’s unique architectural, cultural, and natural significance. The Preservation Alliance of Spring Lake was formed in 1998 in response to concern over the high rate of demolitions of the borough’s older homes and historic structures. Many of the group’s founding members had participated in the successful campaign to have the Frederic A. Duggan Memorial First Aid Squad Building placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Slated for possible demolition, the building is the oldest of its kind on the East Coast and was successfully rehabilitated and reincorporated into an active Community and Visitor’s Center in 2015 by the Preservation Alliance with the help of the Borough of Spring Lake, state and local grants, and generous donations from residents, civic groups, and supporters.

In 2000, the Preservation Alliance commissioned a study of the Ballingarry Gardens, once part of the Spring Lake estate of Martin Maloney and designed by renowned architect Horace Trumbauer, with the purpose of educating the property owners adjacent to the Gardens. In addition, the group joined with the Spring Lake Historical Society to reconstruct the beautiful ceramic tiles that graced the outside of the North End Beach Pavilion. Today, these reconstructed tiles can be seen at the entrance to the new Pavilion.

One of the Preservation Alliance’s most important and enduring contributions to historic preservation in Spring Lake has been its annual Preservation Awards.  First organized in 2000, it rewards beautiful hand-made plaques to property owners in Spring Lake who have made the effort to preserve the historic features of their homes.  The organization’s annual ceremony encourages local residents and homeowners to appreciate the unique history and beauty of the borough.