M. Claire French Award Winner 2016

From left, Fred Carl receiving the award from County Clerk Christine G. Hanlon,
with former County Clerk M. Claire French looking on, Archives Day, 2016

2016 – Fred Carl

Fred Carl has dedicated much of his career to preserving and rebuilding important structures of Camp Evans, the former U.S. Army sub-post of Fort Monmouth. Thanks to his tireless work, many of the sub-post’s historic sites, such as the Diana radar site, have been transformed into museum exhibits. Fred’s passion and determination to restore the sub-post resulted in the founding of the Info Age Science History Museum and Learning Center, which honors the wireless communication and space exploration pioneers during World War I, World War II and the Cold War. Fred is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the museum, which welcomes thousands of visitors a year and educates the public about the ground-breaking inventions that took place in Wall Township.