Jane G. Clayton Award Winner 2006

2006 Gerald Ceres (1923-2012)

Gerry Ceres
Gerald Ceres, a more than fifty-year resident of Holmdel, served as Holmdel Township Historian for approximately twenty years until 2003. During his term as Historian, Ceres worked endlessly in preserving Holmdel’s historic past, including his efforts to save Dr. Cooke’s Medical Office, now on the National Register, from demolition. His excellent research uncovered a rich, fascinating history of Holmdel and its people. Ceres was the author of Holmdel and Pleasant Valley (1999) in the Arcadia Images of America series. In 1986, he reprinted the 1873 Beers, Comstock and Cline Atlas of Monmouth County and the 1889 Wolverton Atlas of Monmouth County. The maps and atlases had become extremely rare and the few originals remaining were quickly deteriorating. Ceres realized that they would become inaccessible if something was not done to preserve the information. The atlas reprint project has provided hundreds of Monmouth County researchers and genealogists with an invaluable source of information. Ceres also generously donated dozens of books on New Jersey and Monmouth County history to the Monmouth County Archives.