Duties of the County Clerk

The Monmouth County Clerk is a constitutional and administrative officer elected by the voters of Monmouth County according to state law for a 5 year term.  The Office of the Monmouth County Clerk is comprised of 5 Divisions: Property Recording, Clerk of Elections, Archives, Passports, and Office of Records Management.

Recording Division

Since 1675, the Monmouth County Clerk has been responsible for maintaining a record of real property transfers and interests in the County.  This includes deeds, mortgages, liens,  judgements, lis pendens, discharges, notices of settlement, maps, roads, road vacations and other related documents.

All documents received are reviewed, indexed and validated with an instrument number, date, time, book and page number.  Until 1996, all real property documents were submitted, imaged and microfilmed, and either stored by the County Clerk in paper format or returned to the submitter.

Since 1996, through the implementation of an imaging system, all documents received in paper form are scanned and maintained digitally though this system.

In 2003, the on line filing of documents became possible through an on line portal.  Documents able to be filed via internet, and stored on the imaging system.  Additionally,  all documents continue to be microfilmed for preservation purposes.

In addition to the recording of documents, the Clerk’s Recording Division provides customer service to Monmouth County residents with respect to providing information about the recorded documents and property interests.

Elections Division

The County Clerk is the Clerk of Elections for the County of Monmouth.  The Elections Division of the County Clerk’s Office is statutorily mandated under Title 19 of the New Jersey State Statutes.  The responsibilities of the Clerk of Elections include, but are not limited to:

  • Processing Vote by Mail Ballot applications
  • Maintenance of permanent vote by mail lists
  • Preparing sample, emergency, provisional, overseas and Vote by Mail Ballots
  • Acceptance and verification of county, school board independent municipal candidate petitions
  • Preparation of petitions for county and municipal, school offices
  • Maintenance of county committee lists for Republican and Democratic party
  • Maintenance of list for elected officials (state, county and local offices)
  • Collection of election results
  • Conducting the official canvass of votes and issuing the certificate of election to all candidates for all public questions.
  • Certification of Election results to the Secretary of State

Archives Division/Records Center

The Monmouth County Archives and Records Center, located in the lower level of the Manalapan Library building, provides secure records storage, filing, cataloging and retrieval services for state, county and local government agencies, as well as the public.  The Archives also preserves, organizes and provides access to Monmouth County government records of enduring historic value that are retained on a permanent basis. These records include documents pertaining to deeds, court cases, naturalizations, and many other subjects.

Passports Division

For over 50 years, the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office has been providing passport services to the public.  Although the issuance of passports is done by the federal passport agency, the County Clerk’s Passports Division assists in the preparation of the application as well as the taking of the passport photograph.  These documents are forwarded to the Philadelphia federal passport office.

The Monmouth County Clerk provides passport services both in the Freehold Office located at 33 Mechanic Street, and in the Neptune County Connection Office located at 3544 State Highway 66. In addition, the Monmouth County Clerk now provides passport services throughout the County via the recently implemented Mobile County Connection initiative.

Office of Records Management

In 2008, the Office of Records Management (ORM) was established to provide support services in the creation, deployment and expansion of electronic imaging technologies for record retention to all agencies within Monmouth and the County’s 53 municipalities.   ORM created and is responsible for:

Open Public Records Search System (OPRS)

This is the County’s on line record management system which allows public access to government records.   ORM seeks to expand the public’s “record retrieval” through the addition of records to OPRS and expand the public’s ability to submit on-line forms and applications through the continued deployment of “Forms Portal” technology.

Records Information Management (RIM)

This is the County’s internal records repository. The RIM system is a full Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) which allows the county to track the retention of all forms of records, not just digital images, such as those that are stored in boxes and filing cabinets. The RIM software was developed to integrate seamlessly with the State’s Records Retention and Disposition Module (RRDM) software, AKA ARTEMIS, so that destruction requests for records that have exceeded their retention schedule can be submitted and returned electronically. The County provides its RIM solution to 23 municipalities through shared services.

Additional Services

In addition to the above, the Monmouth County Clerk’s Office issues County and Veterans’ ID Cards, Veterans’ Peddler Licenses, records and files Physician Licenses, registers  Trade Names, and swears in Notaries Public.